Jornada de Portes Obertes del Projecte Europeu Biodivine

Open Day Biodivine Penedes

2014-12-16 to 2014-12-16

Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Spain

An Open Day activity was held on the 16th of December in Espiells Viticulture and Enology School near Sant Sadurní d'Anoia. The main subjects were the Selection of plants for hedgerows near vineyards to improve biodiversity and the projection of a documentary about biodiversity in vineyards in the Penedes appellation. 



Training Workshop “Biodiversity conservation actions – The Biodivine Project"

Training Workshop “Biodiversity conservation actions – The Biodivine Project"

2014-06-17 to 2014-06-17

Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Portugal

The BioDiVine project  -  Demonstrating functional biodiversity in viticulture landscapes is a European LIFE + project, following from a partnership between ADVID and various French and Spanish wine regions. The aim of this project is to implement conservation initiatives such as cover crops, sexual confusion, installing hedges, covering headlands, in order to foster the presence of animal biodiversity. In the Demarcated Douro Region ADVID is responsible for fostering and implementing these conservation initiatives among its Members, which have joined-in quite significantly.

In order to talk more specifically about the successful implementation of these two conservation initiatives, green covers and the installation of native hedges, next 17th June there will be a Training Workshop on the theme “Biodiversity conservation initiatives - The Biodivine Project”.



XIII Meeting of the Working Group: Biological control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens

Biocontrol of Plant Diseases: “From the field to the laboratory and back again”

2014-06-15 to 2014-06-18

Uppsala, Sweden

Following the XIIth meeting of the "phytopathogens" group of IOBC, which was held in Reims June 2012, we will organize the XIIIth meeting at the Ultuna campus of SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden, 15-18 June 2014.
The chair of the local organizing committee – Dan Funck Jensen – organized the very first of our working group meetings in Copenhagen in 1991. The committee also includes Magnus Karlsson, Margareta Hökeberg and Ingvar Sundh. The campus has excellent facilities for such meetings. It is located just 30 km from Stockholm airport Arlanda and is easily accessed from outside Sweden.
The Uppsala region is nice with historical places, which you will surely enjoy during your stay, particularly so in June when days are long and it’s light almost all night.

The title of the conference will be:
Biocontrol of Plant Disease “From the field to the lab and back again”.
Focus will be on research and development which can lead to successful exploitation of biocontrol in plant production in practice. From initial isolation, over characterization of biocontrol effect and optimization of production and formulation, to final large scale implementation in the field. However, all contributions relating to biological control of plant diseases are very welcome.



LIFE+ CYPADAPT conference

International Conference AdaptToClimate

2014-03-27 to 2014-03-28

Nicosia, Cyprus

The Scientific Committee is pleased to announce that the International Conference “ADAPTtoCLIMATE” will be held at the Filoxenia Conference Centre in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 27th & 28th March, 2014.
The conference participants will have the opportunity to exchange knowledge, views and ideas on climate change impacts, vulnerabilities and adaptation. The conference will include oral and poster presentation sessions.

The Conference is organized in the framework of the LIFE+ project with the acronym CYPADAPT (LIFE10 ENV/CY/000723): Development of a national strategy for adaptation to climate change adverse impacts in Cyprus



Project in progress

BioDiVine: 8th progress meeting

2014-03-18 to 2014-03-20

Regua, Portugal

The 8th progress meeting of the LIFE+ BioDiVine will take place in Regua, in the Portuguese region of Alto Douro, from MArch 18th to 20th.
Partners will work during three days on the project progress, the work to be realised during the last months of the project and the content of the tools to be developed.
The external monitoring team will join the meeting for a review of the porject progress and a site visit.



6th IWA International Specialized Conference on Sustainable Viticulture

Winery 2013

2013-05-26 to 2013-05-30

Narbonne, France

This International Water Association (IWA) Specialized Conference Winery 2013 will be held at Narbonne in the South of France in May 2013.

IWA is eager to receive your abstracts on the themes outlined and we are looking forward to welcoming you in France in 2013 to hear about the advances and new trends in the field of Sustainable Viticulture, Winery Waste and Ecologic Impacts Management.



Visit of a vineyards and presentation of the biodiversity issues.

Visit of a Castle in Champigny’s vineyards

2013-04-30 to 2013-04-30

Champigny, France

Edouard Piasany-Ferry from Targé castle in Parnay (Loire Valley) will describe the landscapes and the habits in Champigny’s vineyards. A specialist will explain afterwards the biodiversity issue especially in the vineyards fields. The visit will finish by going through a tunnel, dug into the limestone to the troglodyte cave to finish by a wine tasting produced by the castle.
Place of the visit : Château de Targé, Chemin de Targé à Parnay (49400)
Fees: 8 € per person.

Read more.




Micro-technologies for the wine sector in Paris on 26 April 2013

2013-04-26 to 2013-04-26

Paris, France

On 26 March 2013, FoodMicroSystems organizes its second road-mapping workshop “Micro-technologies for the wine industry – How can Micro technologies and Smart Sensors help the wine sector to improve quality and safety, and reduce processing costs.”.
This workshop will bring together key players from the wine industry, equipment providers and specialists from the micro-systems community with the objective of defining a road-map for these applications.
If you represent a company of the wine sector, by participating in the workshop you can direct the road-map to goals that are of interest to your company and you will be able to initiate a collaboration and partnership that can really benefit your competitiveness.
If you are a researcher you will be able to show the maturity degree of your current developments and steer your future research in alignment with users’ demands. In addition your inputs to the road-map will be part of the conclusions sent to the European Commission for setting-up new R&D actions in the field of MNT for food in the Horizon-2020 Framework Programme (2014-2020).




Pesticide Action Week

2013-03-20 to 2013-03-30

Brussels, Belgium

Thousands of people are demanding a pesticide-free spring!!
The Pesticide Action Week is an international yearly event open to all and aiming to promote pesticides alternatives. It takes place during the 10 first days of spring during which the spreading of pesticides resumes.
The public is invited to get better informed about the sanitary and environmental issues caused by pesticides and the possible alternatives through hundreds of manifestations: conferences, panel discussions, film shows, workshops, site visits, symbolic marches, open farms, stands, exhibitions, shows…
This year, 700 events are already scheduled mostly in France and in 15 other countries in Europe and Africa :

  • Europe : France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Turkey

  • Africa : Morocco, Senegal, Burkina-Faso, Uganda, Togo, Benin, Mali, Congo


BELGIUM : 120 events to promote alternatives for non agricultural uses :
SPAIN : a new video on the event (in Spanish) :
AFRICA : workshops on pesticide free agriculture with farmers in several African countries
LUXEMBOURG : March 18 : press conference to announce a new convention for the “pesticide free campaign “ towards local communities
FRANCE: March 23 – French National Action Day : everybody is invited to post signs on pesticides free zones (fields, gardens, houses, public areas, schools…).
BRUSSELS : March 22 in Brussels: Conference “Pollinator friendly farming is possible” at the European Parliament




Workshop “Installing hedges in the viticulture ecosystem”

2012-10-29 to 2012-10-29

Pinhão, Portugal

On October 29th, ADVID held a Workshop "Installing hedges in the viticulture ecosystem", at Quinta das Carvalhas (Real Companhia Velha) - Pinhão.

This initiative is part of one of ADVID's strategic priorities for the wine sector, the "Functional Biodiversity in Viticulture", which purpose is to encourage biodiversity and ecosystem sustainability of the vineyard.



First Announcement - Call for Papers

Group of International Experts of vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation

2012-08-29 to 2012-09-29

Porto, Portugal

The 18th International Symposium GiESCO 2013 (Group of international Experts of vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation) will take place from July 7th to 11th at the Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto – Portugal. The Symposium will cover the main fields of viticultural sciences, and it will be expected to join about 200 presentations (oral and poster) by 250 researchers and scientists from more than 17 countries.

Started as a European group, by Alain Carbonneau and colleagues, GiESCO, originally focused on training systems and ecophysiology, studies nowadays an extended number of topics of basic and applied Viticulture.

This Symposium is also a good occasion to visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, ALTO DOURO WINE VALLEY and PORTO HISTORICAL CENTER, and to know the latest advances in Viticulture and Portuguese wines production.

GiESCO 2013




Biological control of fungal and bacterial plant pathogens

Biocontrol of plant pathogens in sustainable agriculture

2012-06-25 to 2012-06-27

Reims, France

Following the XIth meeting of the "phytopathogens" group which was held in Graz 7-8 June 2010, we will organize the XIIth IOBC meeting in the University of Reims (France). Essaid Ait Barka and Christophe Clement will be the local organizers. The university is equipped with all requested facilities for such meetings. Reims is easily accessed from outside France. It is located in a nice area, which you will surely enjoy during your stay.
The theme of the workshop will be: “The Biocontrol of Plant Disease”. All contributions relating to diseases biocontrol are welcome. The emphasis will be on climate influence on biocontrol, but all aspects of biocontrol may also be addressed.
We will emphasize:
Generalities on biological control
i.Sustainable agriculture and biocontrol of plant pathogens
ii.Biocontrol and integrated disease management in different environments
iii.Case studies: successes and problems encountered
iv.Integration of microbials and other sustainable tools
Interaction between plants and beneficial microorganisms
v.Mechanism of action and signalling in biocontrol
vi.Interactions in the phyllosphere and rhizosphere
vii.Molecular tools to study beneficial microbial populations
viii.Bioactive metabolites of beneficial microorganisms
ix.Taxonomy, evolution and ecology of beneficial microorganisms
x.Traits involved in colonization of plants
xi.Microbial induced resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses and plant growth promotion
Industry Perspective on Biocontrol
xii.Mass production, formulation methods delivery strategies and risk assessment
xiii.Registration and commercialization of biocontrol agents
xiv.Genetically modified biocontrol agents and new technologies in biocontrol of plant pathogens
xv.Performance of biocontrol agents in greenhouse trials and agricultural fields
 xvi.All other aspects of biocontrol of plant diseases

We wish to bring together students, experts, researchers and implementers of diseases biocontrol as well as IPM and stakeholders to discuss potential improvements of biocontrol and integrated control especially focusing on sustainability in agriculture. We expect approximately 150-200 participants from many countries to participate in the meeting, as was the case in our earlier workshops. It is too early to provide you precise information about the duration and time schedule of the workshop. However, we expect that it will last 3-4 full days including a half day tour.
Presentations will be carried out orally or as posters, in English, and ample amount of time will be devoted to discussions. As usually done, we expect to publish short papers of the presentations in the frame of the IOBCwprs Bulletin. The second circular with information regarding time, costs, publication, dead lines etc. will be out in September 2011.
IOBC reims first circular 2011

Head of the organizing committee:
Dr. Essaid Ait Barka (, Dr. Christophe Clément (, Université de Reims Champagne, France



Forum on viticultur

ADVID - Infowine.fórum 2012 - Versão Inglesa

2012-05-30 to 2012-05-31

Vila Real, Portugal

ADVID is a partner at the 3rd, the theme of which this year is Thinking "out of the Bottle". The event was held on 30 and 31 May at the Teatro Municipal in Vila Real, with the following programme:

- Prof. Laura Torres (CITAB- UTAD) - Biodiversity and ecosystem services in the landscape of the Alto Douro Wine Region.

- Cristina Carlos (ADVID) - Functional biodiversity in the vineyards of the Demarcated Douro Region - Environmental benefits and value creation.

- António Graça (Sogrape Vinhos S.A.) - The Conservation of Genetic Vine Resources in Portugal. A challenge for the Sustainability of the Wine Sector.

- Nuno Vilela (Sinergiae Ambiente) and Soares Franco (Duorum Vinhos S.A.) - The added value of Green (Ecological) Products in the external market.

- José Manso (Sogevinus, Quintas S.A) - Functional Biodiversity in Vineyards of the Demarcated Douro Region, Management and Promotion. Personal experience at Sogevinus Fine Wines, S.A.

- Rui Soares (Real Companhia Velha) - Functional Biodiversity in Vineyards of the Demarcated Douro Region, Management and Promotion. Personal experience at Real Companhia Velha.

- Debate.



ADVID - “Biodiversity Week” from 28 to 31 May

ADVID - Biodiversity Week|28 to 31 May

2012-05-28 to 2012-05-31

Douro Wine Region, Portugal

Under its strategic guideline "Functional Biodiversity in Viticulture", the objective of which is to promote the production sustainability of agricultural systems and to create value through ecosystem services, ADVID organised a "Biodiversity Week" from 28 to 31 May.



Ecosystem in winery

Development of Ecosystem Services in the Wine Production Chain – Versão Inglesa

2012-05-28 to 2012-05-28

Tabuaço, Portugal

 Pursuing its mission through one of its priority Strategic lines, "Functional Biodiversity in Viticulture", which it has been developing with the aims of preservation of the landscape and promotion and incorporation into the grape production system of innovative practices intended to increase the biodiversity of vineyards in the Demarcated Douro Region (DDR), ADVID organised a workshop entitled "Development of Ecosystem Services in the Wine Production Chain", on 28 May.



Birdwatching at Quinta das Carvalhas

Birdwatching at Quinta das Carvalhas – Versão Inglesa

2012-05-28 to 2012-05-28

Pinhão, Portugal

In the framework of the "Biodiversity Week" that ADVID organised from 28 to 31 May, a "Birdwatching Session" was held at Quinta das Carvalhas on 28 May.
This activity, under the "Enhancing Vineyard Ecosystem Services | Functional Biodiversity in Viticulture"* project, is aimed at lovers of nature and outdoor activities, which have become increasingly popular worldwide.
According to SPEA (Portuguese Society for the Study of Birds), in Portugal there are four to six thousand birdwatchers and the Alto Douro Wine Region is an important natural habitat for smaller birds, known as passerines.
Also present at the session was one of the world's leading specialists in Functional Biodiversity, Steve Wratten, from the University of Lincoln, New Zealand, who was in Portugal at the invitation of ADVID.

*Project developed in partnership with ADVID (Associação para o Desenvolvimento da Viticultura Duriense), UTAD (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro), Real Companhia Velha and Sogevinus Quintas, S.A.



8th International Cool Climate Symposium

Early Registration

2012-01-31 to 2012-02-04

Tasmania, Tasmania

Some things were meant to be picked early…

Register for the 8th International Cool Climate Symposium and join the global conversation with world-leading authorities, with Jancis Robinson MW OBE, Tom Stevenson, Ross Brown and Dr Richard Smart.

Early registration allows you to:

• Guarantee a workshop seat – workshop places are strictly limited and will be filled on a ‘first in, first served’ basis

• Avoid peak season – get in early and access the most flexible travel and accommodation options for the peak summer travel period

• Enjoy discounted registration – register on or before 14 October and receive a discount on your registration fee.

View the full program and register at The early registration and program snapshot are attached and we’d be very grateful if you could forward to your network.



I Symposium about Viticulture and Environment

I Symposium about Viticulture and Environment

2011-11-15 to 2011-11-26

Najera, Spain


BioDiVine project was presented on 15-26 November in the "I Symposium about Viticulture and Environment" organized by IES Esteban Manuel Villegas (Nájera-La Rioja-Spain) and supported by OAPEE (Organismo Autónomo Programas Educativos Europeos).

The presentations were about the importance of Biodiversity and vineyard management. We presented the BioDivine project. Presentations were addresssed to students of Secondary school, their parents and relatives,  and all of them were local vineyard growers. The number of persons was around 50.




5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment


2011-09-08 to 2011-09-11

Skiathos Island, Greece

HAICTA 2011 aims to bring together professional, experts and researchers working on Information and Comunication Technologies in Agriculture, Food and Environment.
The organiser's goal is to organise a Conference to host in a friendly and warm environment experienced researchers, practitioners, ICT specialists and young PhD students in the field of ICT in Agri-Production and Environment.



17th International Symposium GiESCO 2011

Group of International Experts of Vitivinicultural Systems for CoOperation

2011-08-28 to 2011-09-02

Asti, Italy

The 17th International Symposium GiESCO 2011 will be held in Asti and Alba (Italy) on August 29th – September 2nd 2011.

• World formation and transfer in viticulture

• Sustainable viticulture and terroir

• Ecophysiology and climatology

• Vineyard and territory management

• Advanced technological viticulture

• Tropical and sub-tropical viticulture



XXXIV World Congress of Wine and Vine

"The Wine construction"

2011-06-20 to 2011-06-27

Oporto, Portugal

The general theme of the Congress is “The Construction of Wine – A Conspiracy of Knowledge and Art” and includes the following subthemes:

  • Construction of a wine

  • Constructions for wine

  • Construction of the cities of wine

  • Construction of wine markets



Spanish Congress of Enologists

Gienol 2011

2011-06-01 to 2011-06-03

Jerez, Spain

Gienol 2011 was a National Congress of Enologists with the participation of  groups from Latin-America. More than 200 participants, which included professionals, researchers and University students.
One communication was presented (poster session), the support of the project LIFE09 NAT/FR/000584 was remarked and was printed in the abstract book of the Congress. The communication was on soil microbiology.




LIFE+ BIODIVINE Coordination Meeting

Follow-up of the project activities and planning of future actions

2011-05-26 to 2011-05-27

Logrono, Spain

Next coordination meeting of the BIODIVINE project is held in Logrono in the presence of all the project partners.





2010-12-02 to 2010-12-05

Lyon, France

Fair global reference for environmental professionals, Pollutec Lyon gathers for 4 days all the techniques for preventing and treatement of pollution of all kinds and more generally for the preservation of the environment and the implementation of sustainable development.



ForoInnovacion 2010

BioDiVine in ForoInnovacion

2010-11-24 to 2010-11-25

Logrono, Spain

ForoInnovación is a Congress dedicated to SME (industries, wineries, cooperatives, agricultors, entreprises in La Rioja), professionals, students, and public on general, organized by the Authonomous Government.

You find all the information at:

One communication about Life+ BioDiVine project was presented.



LIFE+ BIODIVINE Kick Off Meeting

Launch of a European project about managing biodiversity in vines through landscapes.

2010-11-04 to 2010-11-05


KOM of the BIODIVINE project is held in Gradignan near Bordeaux in the presence of all the project partners.



Symposium Biodiversity in Viticulture

Symposium Biodiversity in Viticulture: creating value between ecology and economy – Versão ingles

2010-07-08 to 2010-07-08

Pinhão, Portugal

Within the scope of the International Biodiversity Year and pursing its mission through one of its priority lines, ADVID organized the Biodiversity, creation of value between Ecology and Economy Symposium on July 8th.

ADVID's purpose in organising this event was to bring researchers of repute in this area, both Portuguese and foreign, to the Douro Region to discuss the sustained preservation of viticulture and wine-making activity in the world's oldest demarcated region.

Sustained promotion of this activity among its associates is one of ADVID's major concerns and, within the scope of the Douro Region Wine Cluster anchor projects, the BIODIVINE candidature was approved under the European LIFE+ Programme, in which seven partners from three European countries take part.

The aims of this project are:
- To demonstrate the ecological value of the landscape to efficient support of wine production, using biodiversity as a factor of crop efficiency;
- To define structures to support biodiversity appropriate to landscape management as a crop-promoting component;
- To increase biodiversity of the flora as a support of biodiversity of the fauna, through the creation of complementing natural spaces within the vineyards.

At the ADVID Executive Board meeting on July 28th 2010 a decision was taken to prepare the 2nd symposium, dedicated to BIODIVERSITY IN VITICULTURE, in 2011, which will also include the fields of soil systematisation and ground cover, aspects of prime importance to erosion control and preservation of the soil in hillside viticulture.

ADVID is a non-profit association set up in 1982 by a group of companies linked to the production and sale of the wines of the Douro Demarcated Region. It now has some 200 associates, including individual grape-growers, agricultural firms and exporter companies, united by a common goal of researching and developing the Douro viticulture.

The Association pioneered the definition of the model and strategy employed, and it has kept up the spirit underlying its foundation, a rare instance in Portugal, in which wide-ranging efforts give rise to equitable sharing of results and know-how.

In the wake of the candidature presented by ADVID in 2009 for the Economy and Innovation Ministry's Collective Efficiency Strategies Programme, this model was recognised by inter-ministerial order as the Douro Region Wine Cluster, the only cluster in the wine area in Portugal.

The Cluster's mission is "to foster and consolidate the wine-production sector in the Douro Region, through a technologically sustainable strategy applied to all players", while its vision is one of "a sector that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable, supported by a culture of network cooperation to reduce threats and maximise opportunities".